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US: Server QA Engineer

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Date: 03-Jun-2013

Server QA Engineer

* determine requirements for test system * analyze a complicated software system and develop test strategies and plans to test it * write specific software tests verifying data correctness, server / device interface, and server response * build advanced automation suites to exercise services, provide greater code path coverage and aggressively detect regressions * select, use, and build test automation tools * execute tests and determine root-cause of issues found for functional, regression and ad-hoc testing * work with development teams to improve test processes, test coverage and continuously improve the services under test * accelerate the delivery of services and updates to those services

* BS CS or equivalent * 5 years of server side testing or development experience * automated testing system experience * development experience in one or more of Python, Ruby, Perl, C++, Java, Objective-C * strong understanding of Internet technologies * technical leadership and system architecture experience * enthusiastic, independent, resourceful and cooperative * comfortable in a fast-paced and informal environment

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US: Server QA Engineer