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US-CA-Sunnyvale: Sr. software QA Engineer

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Date: 16-Aug-2013

Sr. software QA Engineer

* Have the ability to look at high level requirements from outside and in, and to drive the detailed use case definition with different functional groups prior to design and implementation. * Have a love for finding bugs/usability issues, and pursue solutions with focus on simplicity. * Be able to install, set up and troubleshoot the complete end-to-end client/server multi-tiers and multi-systems solutions with deep knowledge of operating systems and networks. * Be creative in developing test automation modules while conducting comprehensive manual testing hand-in-hand with developers under fast-paced development cycles. * Have mastery of scripting languages (i.e. Python, Javascript, Tcl) as well as modern mobile and web testing framework and tools like Grinder, Selenium, WebDriver, Robotium, Monkey, etc. * Be hands-on with Perforce, JIRA, Jenkins and similiar tools for continuous build/integration/tests.

* Play with Smartphones (Android/iOS/Windows), hack them, and gain root privilege. * Troubleshoot with Wireshark, Ethereal and/or tcpdump, and have used Wget and/or cURL. * Have experience setting up and configuring web/application servers such as Apache, Nginx, Tomcat, or other SQL-like database systems and also configuring between http and https. * Have UNIX-like system experience (Linux/Mac) and the ability to set up virtual machines. * Have database knowledge and be able to program in Java or C/C++.

* Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Engineering, or related field.

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US-CA-Sunnyvale: Sr. software QA Engineer