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US-MD: Software Test Engineer

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Date: 16-Sep-2014

Software Test Engineer

escription Designs, develops, and implements testing methods and equipment. Plans and arranges the labor, schedules, and equipment required for testing and evaluating standard and special devices. Provides test area with parameters for sample testing and specifies tests to be performed. Compiles data and defines changes required in testing equipment, testing procedures, manufacturing processes, or new testing requirements. Responsible for testing all customer samples and for special tests that cannot be performed in the test area. Qualifications

Basic Qualifications: At least eight (8) years in test engineering of modern hardware/software systems or integration of modern hardware and software systems; Proficient in the development and implementation of test strategies, plans, traceability matrices, procedures, and reports; At least eight (8) years of requirements analysis experience; particularly must be fully trained or have experience in the testing of systems at the component, integration, system, and end-to-end levels; Understanding of basic UNIX, DOS and Windows commands.

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US-MD: Software Test Engineer