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US: Software Quality Assurance

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Date: 01-Dec-2015

Software Quality Assurance

Main Job Tasks Include:

Draft quality assurance policies and procedures.

Interpret and implement quality assurance standards.

Evaluate adequacy of quality assurance standards.

Devise sampling procedures and directions for recording and reporting quality data.

Review the implementation and efficiency of quality and inspection systems.

Plan, conduct and monitor testing of products to ensure finished product quality.

Document internal audits and other quality assurance activities.

Investigate customer complaints and non-conformance issues.

Collect and compile statistical quality data.

Analyze data to identify areas for improvement in the quality system.

Develop, recommend and monitor corrective and preventive actions within the department.

Prepare reports to communicate outcomes of quality activities.

Identify training needs and organize training interventions to meet quality standards.

Evaluate audit findings and implement appropriate corrective actions.

Responsible for document management systems.

Assure ongoing compliance with quality and industry regulatory requirements.

Requirements Include:

Soft Skills

Clear communicator (written and verbal) to ensure the ability to write test plans and test cases. To communicate bugs to developers and communicate how to properly use the software to the end user.

Creative solving of technical problems to ensure the ability to translate technical requirements test

Ability to focus on deadlines and deliverables ensures the ability to find the bad defects and bugs quickly

Ability to think abstract to ensure ability to not conform to the norm. Norms do not find bugs quickly.

Strong computer skills including Microsoft Word, Excel, and SQL Management Studio 2012

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US: Software Quality Assurance