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US-: QA Software Automation Engineer

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Date: 12-Jan-2016

QA Software Automation Engineer

Job Requirements:

Design, program and maintain automated testing scenarios using QTP (VB Scripting).

Review specifications provided by Define Team, and once they are developed ensure they are complete and compliant with specifications.

Describe all use cases corresponding to functionalities to be tested. Document and share these scenarios with the Implement and Define teams.

Manage and publish test results and provide appropriate communication on a regular basis.

Communicate quality statuses.

Monitor and control testing process. Capitalize on the feedback from incidents reported by users to continuously improve the testing process.

Execute testing by running the defined scenarios (new and existing functionalities) on several environments, find and qualify the bugs. Document them for the Development and Define teams.

Implement existing tests scripts and new ones into Quality Center. Education

Educational Requirements:

Bachelor's or Master's Degree with at least 3-7 years of experience in the QA/Software Automation Field. Requirements

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US-: QA Software Automation Engineer