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US: Jr. Quality Assurance Engineer

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Date: 17-Apr-2018

Jr. Quality Assurance Engineer

The Jr. Quality Assurance Engineer will be responsible for evaluating and testing new or modified applications used to verify that properties function according to user requirements and conform to establishment guidelines: Writes, revises, and verifies quality standards and test procedures for product design and product evaluation to attain quality of software thoroughly and efficiently.

The analyst will do so by ensuring that application changes, features and defects meet established quality standards and contain no errors by analyzing this information throughout the testing processes. This individual will need to create end-to-end test plans; execute these plans and manage all activities in the plan to ensure that all the objectives are met and that the solution works as expected. Solutions should be tested in terms of functionality, performance, reliability, stability and compatibility with other existing systems.

To make sure that testing is well defined, planned and executed. The analyst should ensure that every phase and feature of the software solution is tested and that any potential issue is identified and fixed before the product goes live. This will require presenting thorough, well organized and direct feedback regarding improvements and corrections to the programming team.

This position may also be required to assist with development administration tasks such as internal troubleshooting, accounts setup, support and documenting assets

Responsibilities: Review functional and design specifications to ensure full understanding of individual deliverables.

Identify test requirements from specifications, map test case requirements and design test coverage plan.

Develop, document and maintain functional test cases and other testing artifacts like the test data, feedback and correspondence and data migrations

Execute and evaluate manual or automated test cases and report test results.

Identify any potential quality issues per defined process and escalate potential quality issues immediately to management.

Ensure that validated deliverables meet functional and design specifications and requirements.

Isolate, replicate, and report defects and verify defect fixes.

Assist cross-functional teams in documenting communication of QC tasks.

Master company tools and processes, and improve them where necessary

Write clear, concise and complete feedback that can be through to testing and deployment

Ensure completed code and marketing tasks pass QA/QC/Content Review and assist in ensuring new products are communicated to everybody in the organization

Assist department managers by working with team members to ensure that all tasks are completed to specifications and deployed on time while communicating needs to department managers.

Assist in developing and maintaining critical QA/QC documentation as well as departmental organization

Assist department managers with required database entry and other administrative functions as required to help them stay mission-focused.

Qualifications and Education Requirements

Desired Education: BA/BS in Computer Science, Business Administration, Marketing or related technical degree preferred. Degrees not required if you are a proven, experienced Quality Control Analyst

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US: Jr. Quality Assurance Engineer