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Top 3 Options for Running Performance Tests Behind Your Corporate Firewall

By: Refael Botbol

1. You can whitelist our IP addresses
Whitelisting is a fast and easy option to implement.
What is whitelisting?
If you have to work behind a firewall then whitelisting a certain IP will tell the firewall to allow requests from that IP (or ip range) into the network as “safe”.

Generally, items are blacklisted for security purposes and the firewall is configured to block everything. You can contact your security or network administrator to better understand your company policy regarding whitelisting internet IPs

BlazeMeter IP addresses are available on-demand for the load engines. See the list of BlazeMeter CIDRs

2. You can purchase your very own dedicated IPs and use them to your heart’s content.
If your network security policy does not allow a vast range to IPs to be whitelisted, then you can buy dedicated IP's and set your server to use them.

This option is best in small numbers because you’ll need an IP for every server (console+ engine).

Get BlazeMeter dedicated IPs.

3. On Premise Testing
BlazeMeter’s On-Premise Solution can run within your company’s network. It does require servers (physical or virtual) installed on your private network.

Please note that the On-Premise solution is available to Enterprise Plans. So if you are interested, drop Dan an email and he’ll be happy to help!

The system prerequisites for downloading the agent are simple: Be able to download files into the load engine from the internet over http/https.

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Top 3 Options for Running Performance Tests Behind Your Corporate Firewall