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Use Case Testing

By: Ross Collard

Overview • Welcome to this hands-on, learn-by-doing workshop. • In the workshop we’ll learn how to test a feature, or a set of related features, based on the system’s use case(s). The question is: How can we utilize the use case to develop an effective set of test cases?

Issues We will Discuss How to: • Generate test cases from good use cases – this is the primary focus of the workshop. • Recognize weak use cases and decide whether to clean them up for testing. • Transform weak use cases into testable ones. • Develop good use cases in the first place.

Topics: Testing Techniques • Decision-Driven Testing • Equivalence • Input-Based Testing • Risk-Based Testing • Feature Interaction Testing Disclaimer: we will not have the time to cover these all in depth.

So, Why Should I Get Excited? • “So what? These techniques don’t apply to me. I test GUIs, web sites, telecom network interfaces, embedded devices or databases for performance. Don’t tell about me this stuff you listed before, tell me what I need to know.”

What WON’T We Cover Today? • Esoteric techniques, e.g., statistical methods. • Applications of the techniques discussed in every possible situation. • Every page of the book and every exercise (because of time limitations).

Getting Value • Continue to ask yourself during the workshop: how does each idea or technique apply in my particular situation? • At the end of the workshop, plan to develop a list of your personal follow-up action items.

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Use Case Testing