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Testing XML

By: Pallavi Patwa

About the Author Mrs. Pallavi Patwa is a chartered accountant (Inter), cost accountant (Inter), certified software test engineer (CSTE), and international software testing qualification board-certified tester. Her strengths include software testing, automated testing tool, and test and defect management tools. She has been working with ZenSar as a senior consultant and has more than five year's experience in test planning, test case design, test execution, and test automation of software projects

About Checking XML

XML files contain text with simple tags that describe the data within an XML document.

Testing of XML can be done by verifying data content of XML files

A few common XML verifications & validations are described as follows

XML Data Verification

An XML file can be a static data file that is accessed in order to retrieve commonly used data for which a quick response time is needed for example, country names, zip codes, or area codes.

Although this data can change over time, it is normally quite static.

You can test an XML file by verifying that the data has not changed from one application release to another.

XML Elements Verification

An XML file can consist of elements with attributes and values (character data).

There is a parent and child relationship between the elements, and elements can have attributes associated with them.

If any part of this structure (including data) changes, your application’s ability to process the XML file may be affected.

For an XML testing, you can verify the content of an element to make sure that its tags, attributes, and values have not changed.

DTD Validations XML files are often an intermediary that retrieves dynamically changing data from one system.

The data is then accessed by another system using Document Type Definitions (DTD), enabling the accessing system to read and display the information in the file.

You can parameterize the XML data values in order to check an XML document or file whose data changes in a predictable way.

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Testing XML