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Testing the Xbox

By: Jonathan Vanian

Testing the Xbox

Lesson 1: Build a great team. According to Page, you shouldn’t set up your team to build a great product; you need to build a great team and let them build a great product.

Lesson 2: Learn from the past. Always be open to innovation and never simply commit yourself to the status quo.

Lesson 3: Have a strategy. Page highlighted the importance of having a clear and effective strategy that is easy to articulate and convey to your team members. You need to have a set of guiding principles to help aid you in your decision-making process.

Lesson 4: Eliminate silos, walls, and fiefdoms. For the Xbox One project, Page said that developers and testers share the same source code repository instead of having everything segregated by department. That way, the developers can do low-level testing, like unit tests or functional tests, while the testers concentrate on the big-ticket items.

Lesson 5: The crowd is powerful…and the user is king. To help your team and organization create a product that people actually like, you can create evaluation charts that will allow you to pick people’s brains on whether or not particular features resonate with them. If you have a feature that is polarizing, make sure that is what you intended to create, rather than something that unexpectedly causes people to either love it or hate it.

Lesson 6: Have fun. Make sure you inject a sense of humor into your workplace. Having fun in life will help you in your job to be more productive.

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Testing the Xbox