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System Test Plan- Why?


System Test Plan- Why?
Learn the basics of implementing software and new applications onto a system. Learn how to avoid crashes and tons of lots hours of productivityÖ

The most important part of software development is the testing. Before you implement new software into a system you must be sure it wonít crash and that the proper bug checking has been done. Testing ensures that your system is running properly and efficiently and meeting all the requirements you have of it. To fully ensure that your system is free of defects, testing should follow a system test plan and must be thorough and complete. All too often people rush to implement a new program and then spend hours repairing the system losing many hours of productivity. The experts prevent this by using a system test plan. Basically, a system test plan is a systematic approach to testing a system whether it is a machine or software. The plan contains a detailed understanding of what the eventual workflow will be. This will help keep the project on schedule and make the integration of the new system as smooth as possible. We wouldnít build a house without blueprints nor should we run a new system without having created a proper system test plan.

Creating and running effective tests requires time and resources. These are not assets most businesses have in abundance. What are the options? Do the job in house and stress out your IT group and possibly lose a lot of hours of productivity or spend a small fortune and hire a software development company to build you a system test plan and help you implement it. Typically I have found that the best solution is to turn it over to the pros. Find a company that delivers full-featured testing services. A company I consulted tried to implement a new system using GPS to track their delivery vehicles. They like most small business lacked the technical skills to implement or repair their system but also lacked a lot of extra funds. The result was the loss of many hours and temporary black outs that prevent the recording of new deliveries. Business was at a stand still. You often donít go amiss spending a little extra in order to be careful. Before you blindly implement a new system at least consult a software development company and have them create a system test plan. Letís look at some benefits of using a testing solutions professional.

Before you can begin developing an effective system test plan, you need to know where you are starting from. Many companies jump into a completely new system without really examining the existing one. In some cases they could have tweaked a few things and improved the efficiency and performance of their system to a satisfactory level. A testing solutions professional can deliver quality assurance assessments which evaluate your current processes. This will create a detailed map of where the current system is dropping the ball and exactly where the new system can improve performance. These professional consultants will analyze the data, make recommendations for improvements, and even assist in the development of a system test plan. This way you are not left on your own to execute the testing. This is a solid cost effective alternative to having a big firm come in and overrun your IT services while still maintaining the proper safety. A system test plan is the smartest thing a business owner can do when implementing a new system. Donít blindly rush into the process. Make sure you know the current status of your system and where the hang ups are. Be sure to look over the recommendations made by the consultants and see if they will create the desired improvements. Allowing professionals to support and to monitor the testing of a new system will speed up the process and keep your business running smoothly.

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System Test Plan- Why?