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Perl Quality Assurance Projects

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Perl Quality Assurance Projects
There are multiple projects in the Perl community related to
* improving and testing the quality and portability of Perl modules and Perl itself, and
* using Perl's QA tools for general software development.

The perl-qa mailing list is the general discussion list for the QA of Perl, and of using Perl for QA. (Web archive) There is also a Perl-QA wiki available.

Testing cheat sheets
Ian Langworth, author of the upcoming Perl Testing: A Developer's Notebook has put together a tremendous Perl testing quick reference card.
Testing articles has published a number of articles on specific testing techniques:
* Testing Taint
* Testing Imports
* Testing Databases
* Mocking Objects

Testing Modules
The CPAN has a wide variety of modules to help with your automated testing. Here's a summary of what's available.
Here's a handy summary of guidelines for writing effective tests, compiled from lessons learned when improving the tests for DBI.
Join the team to help improve tests and documentation for Perl and the CPAN. It's a big step on the way to Ponie and Perl 6. It's the Phalanx project.
Daily Build
The "smokers" do smoke tests of the bleading edge Perl on various platforms to help the developers spot new bugs as fast as possible.
Get involved by subscribing to the daily-build list by sending mail to (Web archive and nntp server). After subscribing you would probably like to get the smoke toolkit, see the README and smoke FAQ for information on that.
CPAN testers
cpan-testers is a group that tests as many of the distributions on CPAN on as many different platforms as possible. It was started by Graham Barr and Chris Nandor.
Subscribe to the cpan-testers mailinglist by sending mail to Get more information on how to get involved at
Automated testing with Perl
Automated testing is a key part of software development, especially in environments that have embraced extreme programming. Perl's Test::Harness framework, along with Test::Simple and Test::More, allow flexible testing of all parts of your development projects.

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Perl Quality Assurance Projects