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PESTT is an Eclipse plug-in for learning and designing unit tests for the Java language. Currently, PESTT supports unit tests based on the control flow graph (CFG) of methods. It generates the CFG based on the source code of the method, allows for bidirectional linking between the source code and the generated CFG, generates test requirements, allows for the specification of test paths, computes the coverage level statistics, and much more.

The following screenshot gives a flavor of PESTT in action. The PESTT perspective shows the CFG of method sequencialWhiles on the right view (Graph), and on the bottom, the Structural Coverage Criteria view shows the test requirement set (left), the test path set (in the middle), and the coverage level (right).

PESTT Quick Tutorial
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Let's take a first look on PESTT.
What, you don't have PESTT plug-in installed yet!?!? Don't stress, it's easy to install! See here.
In this tutorial we will skim the most relevant features of PESTT though some simple examples. It will be enough for you to start using PESTT.
Let's start by creating a Java project (name it usingPESTT, for instance); import the this file to your project. It contains (increasingly) complex control structures for us to inspect their control flow graphs.
After importing, your project should look like this. Initial project
This tutorial covers the following items:
Open the PESTT perspective *
Generate a CFG for a method *
Use the link between the CFG and the source code *
Select a graph coverage criteria *
Generate test requirement sets *
Visualize requirements in the CFG and in the source code *
Add test paths manually *
Visualize test paths in the CFG and in the source code *
Analyze requirements coverage and statistics

Open the PESTT perspective
The PESTT plugin proposes a set of views, arranged in a logical way to facilitate the design and analysis of unit tests. Start by opening the PESTT perspective from Window ? Open perspective ? Other... and select PESTT from the perspective list window. The PESTT perspective has the following appearance

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