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My Code Has no Bugs

By: Alex Rosiu

Even though it is practically impossible to write bug-free source code, some people really think they do.

It was the case of one of my former colleagues from a company for which I have worked for a couple of years. He was really thinking that he was extremely skilled (and he was… but not as much as he thought), which unfortunately for him, has led him to adopt a quite arrogant and distant attitude towards everybody. And I mean everybody, as you are about to discover later on.

Durig a tremendously difficult installation for an important customer - a pretty big hypermarket which had just opened - the service team has discovered a blocker bug within the system: transactions weren’t properly saved to the application’s database. After spending a considerable amount of time in order to properly reproduce and describe the problem, it came out that there was a problem in one of this guy’s modules. So they called the company’s HQ and described him the problem.

Well, this is where arrogance and ignorance came in. He totally denied that the problem existed, even though the service people were looking straight at it. There was no bug. They’ve uselessly struggled to convince him, but the problem was so big that they had to escaladate the issue. As ridiculous at it may sound, it was the CEO himself who tried to convince him to look after the problem. Even then, he kept denying that there was a bug, and only when the boss became really “persuasive”, he took a look at the source files.

It appeared that his code did have bugs.

So when you’re thinking your code is perfect… better think you didn’t test it properly.

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My Code Has no Bugs