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Knowing the Verizon Cell Phone Test

By: Christopher Luck

Verizon wireless is known to boast the most reliable wireless network in the States. Verizon wireless and data customers number over forty five million people and naturally this number is destined to grow. Thatís why the company backs up its reliability claim by investing over four billion dollars in expanding and improving its service every year.

Changes to the network makeup since the early days of cellular, before Verizon cell phone service went by that name, have turned it into a fully digital system. For them the word Ďcellularí only exists as a pop culture expression. Being fully digital Verizon cell phone clients were amongst the first in the nation able to perform now common place tasks such as sending text messages, swapping pictures and downloading ring tones.

Verizon cell phone customers, as it turns out, use these features a lot. They send over twenty million pictures wirelessly every month to each other and to people on other networks. They are also responsible for the downloading over of fifty million games, ring tones and applications since April 2005. This is accomplished hrough the companyís twenty three thousand cell sites and over a hundred and fifty switching facilities on a network that can reach two hundred and fifty million Americans.

To claim the best and most reliable service in the country they put themselves through a constant state of testing. In its now famous ad campaign, the Verizon cell phone test man walks the country ensuring his connection is never lost. This commercial was born out of an actual testing process the verizon cell phone network goes through every week of every year.

The company as a whole employs fifty two thousand employees. The little known fact is that some of those employees are real life test men and test women who do just what the guy in the commercials does. They travel in a specially equipped van with cell phones, making and receiving calls and checking to see if the connection cuts and, if so, for how long. Verizon is so proud of their ongoing quality checks and measurements that an entire section of their corporate web site is dedicated to honoring the actual workers who travel the country performing these tests. An average testing van can travel over three thousand miles in a given month. Their tests are simultaneously conducted all across the country in a program that collectively travels a hundred thousand miles a month on the nationís most frequented roadways. All the while their testers make well over three hundred thousand test calls.

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Knowing the Verizon Cell Phone Test