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Software Quality Testing using Black Box and White Box Testing

By: Ritesh Jain

Summary: In this presentation, the author develops some useful strategies and methodologies of software testing using Black Box and White Box testing

Black Box Testing Methods

1.Functional Testing 2.Load Testing 3.Stress Testing 4.Ad-hoc Testing 5.Exploratory Testing 6.Usability Testing 7.Smoke Testing 8.Recovery Testing 9.Volume Testing. 10 Regression Testing. 11 User Acceptance Testing 12 Alpha Testing 13 Beta Testing

White Box Testing

Focus: thoroughness (coverage) every statement in the component is executed at least once. Four types of White Box testing techniques 1.Statement Testing 2.Loop Testing 3.Path Testing 4.Branch Testing.

Techniques of white box testing

Memory –access & memory-management error detection. Memory leaks Uninitialized memory reads Array-bounds errors Memory allocation errors Garbage-collection issues (JAVA) Internationalization errors embedded string literals Use of unsafe functions Pointer arithmetic Time , Date, Number, Currency functions. Performance profiling Fault Injection Static Analysis.

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Software Quality Testing using Black Box and White Box Testing