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<< Component Testing and Rational QualityArchitect | TestManager and Extensibility >>
<< Component Testing and Rational QualityArchitect | TestManager and Extensibility >>

Model Elements and Rational Rose

Chapter 1 - Introducing Rational TestManager
When you create a Rational project using Administrator, you can associate a
RequisitePro project with the Rational project. You can then use the requirements in
the RequisitePro project as test inputs to your test plan in TestManager. As you plan
your test cases, you can associate requirements with test cases to keep track of
changes to requirements that might affect your test cases. For more information about
traceability, see Test Impact Analysis on page 53.
You can use requirements in any RequisitePro project, not just the RequisitePro project
that you associate with a Rational project. You can use one or more RequisitePro
projects as test input sources even if they are not associated with a Rational project.
However, in that case, you must register the RequisitePro project with TestManager.
Model Elements and Rational Rose
Rational Rose helps you visualize, specify, construct, and document the structure and
behavior of your system's architecture. With Rose, you can provide a visual overview
of the system using the Unified Modeling Language (UML), the industry-standard
language for visualizing and documenting software systems.
You can use Rose model elements as test inputs in TestManager, and you can easily
associate the model elements with test cases. If you use a Rose model as a test input,
you can analyze any changes in Rose models and then manually mark as suspect the
link between a Rose model and a test case. For more information about traceability,
see Test Impact Analysis on page 53.
Defects and Rational ClearQuest
Rational ClearQuest® is a change-request management tool that tracks and manages
defects and change requests throughout the development process. With ClearQuest,
you can manage every type of change activity associated with software development,
including enhancement requests, defect reports, and documentation modifications.
With TestManager, you can submit defects directly from a test log into ClearQuest.
TestManager automatically fills in some of the fields in the ClearQuest defect form
with information from the test log and automatically records the defect ID from
ClearQuest in the test log.
Reports and Rational SoDA
Rational SoDA® generates up-to-date project reports of data extracted from one or
more tools in a Rational Suite product. SoDA can work with one Rational tool, such as
RequisitePro, or combine information from more than one tool, such as RequisitePro,
Rose, TestManager, and ClearQuest. These reports provide a way for your team to
communicate more efficiently and consistently.