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<< Setting Advanced Options | Report on a specific portion of the suite run >>
<< Setting Advanced Options | Report on a specific portion of the suite run >>

Display the report as a graph

Customizing Reports
Eliminating Outliers
Reports may contain some values, called outliers, that are completely out of the
normal range. For example, suppose you run a Performance report on 1000 virtual
testers and most response times range from 2 to 7 seconds. The response for one
command ID is 30 seconds--far more than normal. Because this occurs only once, it
may be a nonrepresentative time. In some cases, you might want to eliminate such
data points from the report because they may inaccurately skew cumulative data.
Although you might consider outliers merely nonrepresentative data that you want to
eliminate, they may also be a legitimate sign of performance problems. Therefore, you
should determine the reason for outliers before mechanically eliminating them.
To eliminate outliers:
Open or create a Performance report.
Under the
Advanced Options
summary, click
Change Options
Script Filters
Include only emulation commands that occur on a
specific line of (or range) of code or at a specific
number (or range) in the sequential execution of
commands. The default is to include all emulation
Command Trace
Include only certain types of TSS environment
variables. The default is to include all environment
Command Trace