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<< The Data Entry user group | Inserting a Transactor >>

Inserting a Delay

Chapter 10 - Designing Performance Testing Suites
When you run the suite, the first Data Entry virtual tester selects the Modify
Record script, because it has the largest weight. However, because the workload is
balanced across all Data Entry virtual testers, after the first virtual tester exits,
TestManager recalculates the weights to reflect the fact that the test script with the
largest weight (7) has already been selected. By the time later virtual testers are
ready to select a test script, the weights have changed so they have a greater
chance of selecting the Add New Record test script.
Inserting a Delay
A delay tells TestManager how long to pause before it runs the next item in the suite.
To insert a delay into a suite:
Click the user group, scenario, or selector to which to add a delay, and then click
Suite > Insert > Delay
For detailed procedures, see the TestManager Help.