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<< Set Up Database Application | Random without replacement >>

Types of Selectors

Inserting Other Items into a Suite
To make your user group reflect this behavior, insert a Random selector into the Data
Entry user group. The following suite shows the Data Entry user group set up to
select test scripts randomly without replacement.
When you run the suite with 50 virtual testers, scaled according to user group
specifications, each Data Entry virtual tester:
Runs the Set Up Database Application scenario.
Picks one test script per iteration: Add New Record, Modify Record, or Delete
Record. Because there are 100 iterations, each Data Entry virtual tester adds a
record 20 times, modifies a record 70 times, and deletes a record 10 times. The
adding, modifying, and deleting are done in any order.
Types of Selectors
TestManager provides the following types of selectors:
Runs each test script or scenario in the order in which it appears in the
suite. This is the default.