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<< Chapter 1 - What Is Rational TestManager | The activity of planning tests >>
<< Chapter 1 - What Is Rational TestManager | The activity of planning tests >>

TestManager Workflow

Chapter 1 - Introducing Rational TestManager
Everyone involved in the project is a stakeholder in the process of defining how
system quality is assessed and taking actions to correct problems. For example:
Project analysts need to know about the availability, completeness, and quality of
use cases, features, and requirements supported by the system.
Project architects and developers need to understand the state of components and
subsystems they have designed or developed.
Quality assurance team members need to develop a plan to test the system.
Furthermore, they need to understand and define the relationships between the
elements of their testing plan and the other elements of the development effort.
These traceability relationships allow the QA team to understand how changes
elsewhere in the project affect their work, and to define how to test the elements of
the system.
Project managers need to use the information that the testing effort provides to
make decisions about the acceptability and readiness of the system for release.
Their decisions are based on input from other team members such as analysts and
developers who draw their knowledge of the state of the system from these same
Testers use TestManager to see what work needs to be done by whom and by what
date. Testers can also see what areas of their work are affected by changes
happening elsewhere in the development effort.
Testing efforts often represent 2550% of the overall project effort. Collecting the
required data, tracking the relationships among test assets, and providing a common
presentation of the output of the testing effort often involves use of several tools. This
can make it nearly impossible to efficiently track the effects of dependencies and to
get a concise, consistent view of the state of a system.
TestManager Workflow
The TestManager workflow supports the major testing activities:
Planning tests
Designing tests
Implementing tests
Executing tests
Evaluating tests