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<< Working with Masks | Part 3 - Performance Testing with Rational TestManager >>
<< Working with Masks | Part 3 - Performance Testing with Rational TestManager >>

Viewing Unexpected Active Window

Using the Image Comparator
You can do the following with OCR regions:
Create an OCR region
Move and resize OCR regions
Cut, copy, and paste OCR regions
Duplicate OCR regions
Delete OCR regions
For step-by-step instructions, search for each task in the Image Comparator Help.
Saving the Baseline File
To save changes made to the Baseline file:
File > Save Baseline
This command is enabled only if you have made changes to the Baseline file.
Viewing Unexpected Active Window
Robot is designed to respond to unexpected active windows (UAW) during test script
playbacks. An unexpected active window is any unscripted window appearing
during test script playback that interrupts the playback sequence and prevents the
expected window from being made active. An example of a UAW is an error message
generated by the application-under-test or an e-mail notification message window.
You can view the unexpected window in the Image Comparator only if you have set
the option in Robot. In the GUI Playback dialog box in Robot, click the
Active Window
tab. Make sure that the
Detect unexpected active windows
and the
Capture screen image
options are both selected. (For more information about setting
an unexpected active window option, see the Rational Robot User's Guide.)
To open a UAW to view in the Comparator:
Start TestManager and open a log file containing a UAW.
Do one of the following in the
Event Type
Double-click an unexpected active window event.
Select an unexpected active window event and click
The Image Comparator opens and that UAW appears.