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<< Crystal Reports Help | Selecting Which Reports to Use >>

About Performance Testing Reports

Reporting Results
Customizing Design Layouts for Listing Reports
A design layout defines the look of each listing report and the specific information
included in a listing report. To customize existing design layouts or create a new
design layout, you must install Crystal Reports 8.5 Professional Edition (purchased
When you create a new listing report in TestManager, you can optionally create new
design layouts or customize existing ones. Crystal Reports uses report dictionaries of
assets and properties stored in the Rational Test datastore. These dictionaries link the
various assets together using the database schema.
For more information about using Crystal Reports to create new design layouts or
customize existing ones, see the Crystal Reports Help.
About Performance Testing Reports
Performance testing reports help you analyze the performance of a server under
specified conditions. For example, you can determine how long it took for a virtual
tester to execute a command and how response times varied with different suite runs.
You can also customize reports.
Performance testing reports include:
Performance reports.
Compare Performance reports.
Response vs. Time reports.
Command Status reports.
Command Usage reports.
Command Trace reports
Command Data reports
For detailed information about performance testing reports, see Reporting Performance
Testing Results
on page 331.