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<< Virtual Tester Error File | How to Submit and Modify a Defect >>
<< Virtual Tester Error File | How to Submit and Modify a Defect >>

About Submitting and Modifying Defects

Viewing Test Log Results
About Submitting and Modifying Defects
A defect can be anything from a request for a new feature to an actual bug found in the
application-under-test. Defect tracking is an important part of the software testing
Use the Test Log window of TestManager to submit defects for any verification points
that fail during playback of a recorded test script. When you submit a defect from the
test log, TestManager opens a special defect form configured by the ClearQuest
administrator to automatically accept TestManager data and fills in several fields for
you with information from the log. If you associate a test case with a test input, the
test input information appears automatically in the defect form. (When you submit
defects this way, TestManager does not actually start ClearQuest; it opens the defect
form, which is part of ClearQuest.) You can also submit defects manually using
ClearQuest, but none of the fields are automatically filled in for you.
To use ClearQuest to store defects from TestManager, an administrator must
first set up the ClearQuest schema and then create or attach a ClearQuest user
database as part of a Rational project. For information, see the Rational ClearQuest
Administrator's Guide
. If you use ClearQuest Multisite, you must have ClearQuest
Mastership privileges to submit or modify a defect from the Test Log window. If you
do not have ClearQuest Mastership, modify defects manually using ClearQuest.
For your convenience, a specially designed schema, the TestStudioŽ schema, is
included with your software for defect tracking. In ClearQuest, the term schema refers
to all attributes associated with a change-request database. This includes field
definitions, field behaviors, the state transition tables, actions, and forms. For more
information about ClearQuest schemas, see the Rational ClearQuest Help.
About the Rational TestStudio Schema
The TestStudio schema includes two TestStudio defect forms: one for submitting new
defects and one for modifying and tracking defect information.
To use the TestStudio schema, you must select it when you create a ClearQuest
user database as part of a Rational project. You can also select an existing ClearQuest
user database that uses the TestStudio schema. If you want to attach an existing
ClearQuest database that has a schema different from the TestStudio schema, you
need to upgrade the schema. For information, see the Rational Suite Administrator's
You can use the TestStudio defect form to track as many or as few details about a
defect as you want.
To display information about each item in the defect form, right-click the item
and click Help.