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<< Viewing a Test Script | Virtual Tester Error File >>

Working with Test Logs

Viewing Test Log Results
Working with Test Logs
When working with test logs, you can:
Open a test log.
Rename a test log.
View the properties of a test log (the name, description, build, and log folder).
To do any of these tasks:
In the Test Asset Workspace, click the
Right-click a test log and then select an item on the shortcut menu.
You can also print data displayed in the Test Log window. For information, see
Printing a Test Log on page 169.
About Test Logs
Test logs record everything that happens during a test script, test case, or suite run
from the time the test script, test case, or suite begins until it ends. Unless logging is
specifically turned off, every virtual tester action, system call, verification point, and
result is included in the logging process. You can view properties for every event
from the Test Log window, and you can also view certain test logs in a whole file.
Suite Log
The suite log contains all the messages associated with a suite run. It is the same
information that you see in the Messages window when you run a suite. The log
contains build, log folder and log name information, and messages about checking the
suite, compiling test scripts, and any warnings or errors associated with the suite.
To view the suite log:
In the Test Log window, right-click a suite start event and then click
View Suite
To print a suite log:
From an open suite log, click
File > Print
For detailed procedures, see the TestManager Help.