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Chapter 4 - Implementing Tests

Implementing Tests
This chapter describes how to implement tests. It includes the following topics:
About implementing tests
Implementing test cases
Calling Test Script Services from test scripts
Creating manual test scripts
Associating an implementation with a test case
Implementing tests as suites
For detailed procedures, see the Rational TestManager Help.
About Implementing Tests
After you've created the test design for each test case, you're ready to implement the
test case. You implement a test case by building a test script and then associating that
test script with the test case.
Implementation is different in every organization. You can use your preferred tools or
manual test efforts to build any kind of test script appropriate for your testing
For example, one testing organization might decide to implement all of the test cases
by recording the test script using Robot.
Another organization might decide to write modular pieces of software using a
combination of Visual Test scripts, batch files, and Perl scripts, and then
programmatically tie them together in a higher-level script.
After you implement a test script, you can associate it with a test case in TestManager.
For information, see Associating an Implementation with a Test Case on page 92.
You can then run the test case or the test script in TestManager. You can also insert the
test script into a suite and run the suite. For information about running
implementations, see Executing Tests on page 115.