<< Create test sets and perform test runs | TestDirector Open Test Architecture Guide >>
<< Create test sets and perform test runs | TestDirector Open Test Architecture Guide >>
TestDirector Documentation Set
Lesson 7 Where Do You Go from Here?
4 Report defects detected in your application and track how repairs are
Report new defects detected in your application. Quality assurance
testers, developers, project managers, and end users can add defects
during any phase in the testing process.
Review new defects and determine which ones should be fixed.
Correct the defects that you decided to fix.
Test a new build of your application. Continue this process until defects
are repaired.
Generate reports and graphs to assist in analyzing the progress of defect
repairs, and to help determine when to release the application.
Getting Additional Information
For more information on TestDirector, refer to the user's guides and online
resources provided with TestDirector.
TestDirector Documentation Set
In addition to this guide, TestDirector comes with the following printed
TestDirector Installation Guide explains how to install TestDirector and the
client database software needed to connect TestDirector to project databases.
TestDirector User's Guide explains how to use TestDirector to organize and
execute all phases of the testing process. It describes how to define
requirements, plan tests, run tests, and track defects.
TestDirector Administrator's Guide explains how to customize projects
using the Project Customization window and how to create and maintain
projects using the Project Administration utility.