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<< SilkTest displays the Record Testcase dialog | Recording the Verification Stage >>

Recording the Setup Stage

<< SilkTest displays the Record Testcase dialog | Recording the Verification Stage >>
Getting Started: A Tutorial
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Recording a Testcase

The status field flashes "Recording" to indicate that from here on,
SilkTest is recording all mouse actions and keystrokes, intentional or
unintentional, as you interact with the GMO application. Leave the
Record Status dialog open.
Note Unintentional actions can be removed from the script later.
Tip Record your actions slowly. Observe the Record Status dialog
to make sure the name of the object you are interested in is
displayed. If the name of the object is not displayed, wait for the
recorder to catch up.
Using the Record
Status dialog
Move your pointer over the window, it does not matter which window. Notice
that as you move over the application while recording, the Record Status
dialog dynamically updates to show the object that you are currently pointing
to or the control that has focus. Use this information to make sure that the
recorder has kept up with your actions (sometimes the recorder can fall
behind if your system's resources are low). Remember to check the Record
Status dialog before pressing Ctrl+Alt to do your verification.
Step 2: Recording the Setup Stage
For our testcase it is not necessary to record the setup stage. However, if you
wanted to verify an object that was on a page other than the main window or
Homepage, you would need to drive the application to that page; pressing
links or entering information as required. You could also use an application
state that is built on BaseState. For more information about application states,
see the online Help.