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<< JVMPI Agent | Performance Summary >>

Performance Profiling Results

Test RealTime - User Guide
Performance Profiling
The Performance Profiling feature puts successful performance engineering within
your grasp. It provides complete, accurate performance data--and provides it in an
understandable and usable format so that you can see exactly where your code is
least efficient. Using Performance Profiling, you can make virtually any program run
faster. And you can measure the results.
Performance Profiling measures performance for every component in C , C++ and
Java source code, in real-time, and on both native or embedded target platforms.
Performance Profiling works by instrumenting the C, C++ or Java source code of
your application. After compilation, the instrumented code reports back to Test
RealTime after the execution of the application.
You associate Performance Profiling with an existing test or application code.
You build and execute your code in Test RealTime .
The application under test, instrumented with the Performance Profiling
feature, then directs output to the Performance Profiling Viewer, which a
provides a detailed report of memory issues.
Performance Profiling Results
The Performance Profiling report provides function profiling data for your program
and its components so that you can see exactly where your program spends most of
its time.
Top Functions Graph
This section of the report provides a high level view of the largest time consumers
detected by Performance Profiling in your application.