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Product Overview

Product Overview
Implementing a practical, effective and professional testing process within your
organization has become essential because of the increased risk that accompanies
software complexity. The time and cost devoted to testing must be measured and
managed accurately. Very often, lack of testing causes schedule and budget over-
runs with no guarantee of quality.
Critical trends require software organizations to be structured and to automate
their test processes. These trends include:
Ever increasing quality and time to market constraints;
Growing complexity, size and number of software-based equipment;
Lack of skilled resources despite need for productivity gains;
Increasing interconnectedness of critical and complex embedded systems;
Proliferation of quality & certification standards throughout critical software
markets, including the avionics, medical, and telecommunications industries.
Rational Test RealTime provides a full range of answers to these challenges by
enabling full automation of system and software test processes.
Test RealTime is a complete test and runtime analysis toolset for embedded, real-time
and networked systems created in any cross-development environment. Automated
testing, code coverage, memory leak detection, performance profiling, UML tracing -
with Test RealTime you fix your code before it breaks.
Test RealTime covers runtime analysis and software testing, all in a fully integrated
testing environment.
For more information about Rational Test RealTime, visit the product Web site at: