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<< Using Pilot Mix-Ins | Run a Mix-in Pilot >>
<< Using Pilot Mix-Ins | Run a Mix-in Pilot >>

Creating a Pilot Mix-In

Automatically Generating Scripts
The Mix-Ins tab is similar to the Scenario tab in that you can use it to combine Pilots
from different functional regions in the application map. Each mix-in Pilot
contributes a few steps to a specified percentage of the script segments generated.
A mix-in includes the Setup tab and Exclude tab settings of the Pilots that you add
to it. For example, if you specify a control to exclude from a mix-in Pilot, that
exclusion remains in effect for the steps that the Pilot contributes during the run.
Creating a Pilot Mix-In
To create a mix-in Pilot to run with a Pilot scenario:
1. Insert a Pilot at the branch of the application map that corresponds to the
functional area that you want to randomly mix in to the scenario.
2. Name the mix-in Pilot.
3. Specify settings for the mix-in Pilot on the Setup and Exclude tabs.
4. Click the lead Pilot for the existing scenario, and then click the Mix-Ins tab.
5. Click Add.
NOTE: Although you can add any number of mix-in Pilots to a scenario, we
recommend that you include just one or two.