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<< TOC - Using the AutoPilot | TestFactory Features >>
<< TOC - Using the AutoPilot | TestFactory Features >>

Ch. 1 Introduction

C H A P T E R 1
This chapter provides an overview of Rational TestFactory. It introduces some key
concepts, describes the tasks that you can use TestFactory to perform, and provides
information about what to do before you start working with your Java, C++, or
Visual Basic application, or your Java applet in TestFactory. This chapter includes the
following topics:
About Rational TestFactory
Key TestFactory concepts
Testing software with TestFactory
Preparing to work with the application-under-test in TestFactory
About Rational TestFactory
Rational TestFactory automates software quality testing to an unprecedented
extent. By substantially reducing the manual intervention required to create and
maintain testing assets, TestFactory significantly shortens the product development
cycle. TestFactory maps the application-under-test, uncovers severe defects, and
creates scripts that provide extensive source code coverage. In addition to its
automatic mapping and scripting capabilities, TestFactory provides a flexible
interface with tools that help you organize and manage project test assets. The test
assets include the scripts, Test Suites, folders, reports, and so on, that you add to your
TestFactory handles much of the drudgery involved in software testing so you can
focus on planning, development, and requirements testing. The high level of
automation that TestFactory provides lets you incorporate automation early in the
testing cycle; you do not have to wait until the application-under-test stabilizes.