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<< Mapping New Builds | Deleting UI Object Components >>

Mapping a Changed Region

Mapping New Builds
Mapping a Changed Region of the AUT Using the
Application Mapper Wizard
To map a changed region of the AUT using the Application Mapper Wizard:
1. Click Tools > Application Mapper.
2. In steps 1 and 2 of the wizard, click Next.
3. To select the starting object for mapping, click Browse in step 3.
4. Scroll through the Filtered objects list, or click First, Next, Previous, and Last
to jump to selectable objects in the list.
5. Click an object in the Filtered objects list, and then click Select.
6. Click OK.
7. To start mapping, click Finish.
Deleting UI Objects Mapped for Controls that Have Been Removed
from the AUT
If a mapped control is removed from the user interface of the AUT, the UI object
for that control persists in the application map until you remove it. The Summary
Report lists controls that were mapped in previous builds, but were not encountered
in the last mapping session. After you map a new build of the AUT, check the
Summary Report for missing objects.
After you determine that a missing control was intentionally removed from the user
interface, you must delete the UI object mapped for it in the application map. If you
run a Pilot to test the affected area of the AUT, the Pilot "expects to see" the mapped
control. If the application map still contains a UI object for the missing control, the