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<< Deleting the window object | Override the incorrect mapping >>
<< Deleting the window object | Override the incorrect mapping >>

Splitting Window Objects

Mapping Similar Windows
6. To have TestFactory remap the affected portions of the AUT immediately, click
Map now. If you prefer to make additional changes to the application map before
remapping, click I will map later.
7. Click OK.
Repeat these steps wherever multiple states of a single window are mismapped as
unique windows.
Splitting Window Objects
The figure below shows two sections of the application map for the Classics sample
application. The Suppliers and Purchase Order windows in Classics both contain a
Report button, each of which leads to a dialog box used to create a report. Although
the dialog boxes are very similar, they are different windows.
Because the dialog boxes are so similar, the Application Mapper merges them. It
maps the first Report dialog it encounters as the Create Supplier Report window
object, and it maps the second Report dialog box as a shortcut that points to the
Create Supplier Report window object. To properly test the Create Purchase Orders
Report dialog box, you must split the windows and then remap the area that
contained the shortcut.
NOTE: If you choose to map later, be sure to map the affected area to full
depth. The correct starting object you use for mapping later depends on
whether you make additional changes that also require remapping, such as
splitting windows or redirecting a shortcut. For important information about
selecting the correct starting object for mapping, see the topic Merge two states
of a dynamic window
in TestFactory Help.
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