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ClearCase LT and ClearQuest are the foundations for UCM
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What You Learned in This Chapter
In this chapter, you learned:
UCM helps software teams manage change in software development, from
requirements to release.
ClearCase LT and ClearQuest are the foundations for UCM. ClearCase LT
manages the artifacts associated with a software development project. ClearQuest
manages the project activities. It offers charting and reporting features to track and
communicate project progress to all stakeholders.
Under UCM, team members use ClearCase LT to manage artifacts under source
control, they work on activities in their personal development workspaces, and
deliver modified artifacts to the integration stream after they complete an activity.
Rational Suite ContentStudio supports the work of everyone who contributes to
your Web site including project managers, analysts, software developers, content
managers, Web designers, and other business specialists enabling fast and
reliable deployment of site updates and changes.
What's Next
Now you understand how ClearCase LT and UCM help you manage changing
artifacts throughout the development lifecycle. In the next chapter, you will work on
the Arrange Shipment use case for the enhancement request to