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<< Unifying Code and Content for Web Development | Using Rational Suite ContentStudio >>
Rational NetDeploy
<< Unifying Code and Content for Web Development | Using Rational Suite ContentStudio >>
Chapter 4 - Managing Change to Project Artifacts
Distributed authoring helps content contributors add and update Web content while
maintaining a consistent look and feel for the site. Authorized content owners can
make changes to their material using pre-formatted templates that they access
through a standard Web browser. Web development teams use these templates to
separate the text and editable portions of a site from the design elements.
Web teams can also create workflows for site updates. Web development workflows
automate the circulation of proposed Web site changes to authorized reviewers for
approval or edits. These workflows are customizable, so Web teams can design them
to best reflect the way their organization operates. After a workflow cycle is complete,
content changes can be automatically posted to the Web site.
ContentStudio supports common authoring tools including Microsoft Office, Allaire
HomeSite, and Macromedia Dreamweaver. ContentStudio also supports common
IDEs including Microsoft Visual Studio, and IBM VisualAge for Java.
Deploying Quickly and Confidently
Rational NetDeploy
, an integrated tool designed to automate deployment tasks,
helps Web teams automatically deploy related code and content. Rational NetDeploy
eliminates the manual process of file selection and deployment by recognizing tasks
associated with a particular change request, and deploying all associated artifacts
together. This ensures that all related code and content files are deployed
simultaneously. Rational NetDeploy also helps Web teams schedule automatic
deployments, and integrates with ClearCase LT to version and archive all Web site
artifacts-- facilitating simple rollbacks to previous site versions.
Rational SiteLoad
, a Web-based load testing tool, simulates Internet traffic to provide
precise real-time information on site performance. SiteLoad helps avoid costly -- and
highly visible -- Web site failures, and provides meaningful test results in minutes.