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<< Managing Change to Project Artifacts | Using the Tools with UCM >>
Typical UCM Workflow
<< Managing Change to Project Artifacts | Using the Tools with UCM >>
Chapter 4 - Managing Change to Project Artifacts
Figure 12
Typical UCM Workflow
UCM Tools
A key aspect of the UCM model is that it unifies the activities used to plan and track
project progress and the artifacts undergoing change. The UCM model is realized by
both process and tools. Rational ClearQuest and Rational ClearCase LT provide tool
support for UCM. For example, ClearQuest manages the project's tasks, defects, and
requests for enhancements (referred to generically as activities), and ClearCase LT
manages the artifacts produced by a software project. When used together, these tools
help your software team better manage changing requirements and development
complexity throughout the software development lifecycle.
Rational ClearQuest.
Manages change activity associated with software
development, including enhancement requests, defect reports, and documentation
modifications. ClearQuest also offers charting and reporting features to track and
communicate project progress to all stakeholders.
Rational ClearCase LT.
Uses the built-in UCM development process to track and
manage changes to all software project files, including requirements, visual models,
and source code.