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Tools for Testers
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Chapter 1 - Welcome to Rational Suite
Rational Suite DevelopmentStudio RealTime Edition
Rational Suite DevelopmentStudio RealTime Edition is the Rational Suite edition
designed for practitioners who focus on real-time and embedded development. This
Suite edition contains all the tools in Rational Suite DevelopmentStudio but replaces
Rational Rose Enterprise Edition with Rational Rose RealTime Edition.
Rational Rose (RealTime Edition).
Delivers a powerful combination of notation,
processes, and tools to meet the challenges of real-time development. Using Rose
RealTime, you can:
Create executable models to compile, then observe simulations of your UML
designs on the host or target platform. As a result, you can refine your design early
and continually verify quality.
Generate complete, deployable executables in C or C++ directly from UML design
models targeted to real-time operating systems. Generating these applications
eliminates the need for manual translation and avoids costly design interpretation
This tutorial does not discuss Rose RealTime in detail. To learn more about Rose
RealTime, see the online tutorials available from the Rose RealTime Help menu.
Tools for Testers
A tester's role is to:
Ensure that software meets all requirements.
Create, manage, and run tests.
Report results and verify fixes.
Rational Suite TestStudio
Rational Suite TestStudio is the Rational Suite edition designed for testers. It contains
the Team Unifying Platform and:
Rational Robot.
Facilitates functional and performance testing by automating the
recording and playback of test scripts for both functional and performance testing.
Allows you to write, troubleshoot, and run tests, and to capture results for
Rational TestFactory.
Automates testing by combining automatic test generation
with source-code coverage analysis. Tests an entire application, including all GUI
features and all lines of source code.