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What Is Rational Suite?
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Chapter 1 - Welcome to Rational Suite
Manage change.
It is important to manage change in a trackable, repeatable, and
predictable way. Change management includes facilitating parallel development,
tracking and handling enhancement and change requests, defining repeatable
development processes, and reliably reproducing software builds.
As change propagates throughout the life of a project, clearly defined and repeatable
change process guidelines help facilitate clear communication about progress and,
more importantly, allows you to more effectively control risks associated with
Rational Suite Can Help
To put these software development principles to work, Rational Software offers
Rational Suite, a family of market-leading software development tools supported by
the Rational Unified Process. These tools help you throughout the project lifecycle.
Rational Suite packages the tools and the process into several editions, each of which
is customized for specific practitioners on your development team, including
analysts, developers, and testers.
Alone, these tools have helped organizations around the world successfully create
software. Integrated into Rational Suite, they:
Unify your team
by enhancing communication and providing common tools.
Optimize individual productivity
with market-leading development tools
packaged in Suite editions that are customized for the major roles on your team.
Simplify adoption
by providing a comprehensive set of integrated tools that
deliver simplified installation, licensing, and user support plans.
What Is Rational Suite?
Rational Suite editions are sets of tools customized for every member of your team.
Each Suite edition contains the tools from the Rational Suite Team Unifying Platform.
The Team Unifying Platform is a common set of tools that focus on helping your team
perform more effectively. Each Rational Suite edition also contains tools selected for a
specific practitioner on your development team. The following sections describe each
Suite edition and the tools they contain.