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Reliability Testing Tools
<< SoDA automates software | TestFactory optimizes >>
Reliability Testing
The enhancement is implemented and testing has been planned. You
are now ready to test the enhancement. In this chapter, we discuss testing for
This chapter applies to testers, developers, and other team members responsible for
reliability testing.
Reliability Testing Tools
This chapter describes the following automated testing tools:
Rational TestFactory.
Assists with testing by combining automatic test generation
with source-code coverage analysis. Tests an entire application, including all GUI
features and all lines of source code.
Rational Purify.
Pinpoints run-time errors and memory leaks in Visual C++
application code, and errors related to garbage-collection in Java application code.
Rational PureCoverage.
Identifies the parts of your Java, Visual C++, or Visual
Basic program that have and have not been exercised. Exposes testing gaps so you
can prevent untested application code from reaching your users.
Rational Quantify.
Profiles your Java, Visual C++, or Visual Basic application to
help you identify performance bottlenecks in your code.