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<< Managing Defects with Rational ClearQuest | Applications on a Terminal Server >>

Managing Requirements with Rational RequisitePro

Using Robot with Other Rational Products
Performance Testing with Rational TestManager
Rational TestManager is a sophisticated tool for automating performance tests on
client/server systems. A client/server system includes client applications accessing a
database or application server, and browsers accessing a Web server.
Performance testing uses Rational Robot and Rational TestManager. Use Robot to
record client/server conversations and store them in scripts. Use TestManager to
schedule and play back the scripts. During playback, TestManager can emulate
hundreds, even thousands, of users placing heavy loads and stress on your database
and Web servers.
Doing performance testing with TestManager, you can:
Find out if your system-under-test performs adequately.
Monitor and analyze the response times that users actually experience under
different usage scenarios.
Test the capacity, performance, and stability of your server under real-world
user loads.
Discover your server's break point and how to move beyond it.
For information about performance testing, see the TestManager manual and Help.
Managing Requirements with Rational RequisitePro
Rational RequisitePro is a requirements management tool that helps project teams
control the development process. RequisitePro organizes your requirements by
linking Microsoft Word to a requirements repository and providing traceability and
change management throughout the project lifecycle.
Using RequisitePro, you can:
Customize the requirements database and manage multiple requirement types.
Prioritize, sort, and assign requirements.
Control feature creep and ensure software quality.
Track what changes have been made, by whom, when, and why.
Integrate with other tools, including Rose, ClearCase, Rational Unified
, and SoDA