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<< DWComputedField | To test PeopleTools applications >>

Chapter 17 - Testing PeopleTools Applications

C H A P T E R 17
Testing PeopleTools Applications
This chapter describes the support that Rational Robot provides for testing
PeopleTools applications. It includes the following topics:
About Robot support for PeopleTools applications
Verifying that the PeopleTools extension is loaded
Testing a component's properties
Testing a component's data
PeopleTools commands
About Robot Support for PeopleTools Applications
Rational Robot provides comprehensive support for testing applications built with
PeopleTools versions 6.0 through 7.5. With its Object Testing technology, Robot
examines data and properties that are not visible to the user. Robot uses
Object-Oriented Recording to recognize a PeopleTools component by its field name
in the database.
Robot provides end-to-end automated testing of your PeopleTools applications,
as follows:
If You Have Purchased
A PeopleTools application
Your PeopleTools package includes a PeopleTools-only
version of Robot.
Rational Robot
Support for testing PeopleTools applications with Robot
is available in addition to all the other features of Robot.
Rational TestFoundation
You have access to a testing methodology and a
comprehensive collection of prerecorded scripts for
PeopleTools applications.