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<< Chapter 16 - Testing PowerBuilder Applications | Value-Based Recording >>
<< Chapter 16 - Testing PowerBuilder Applications | Value-Based Recording >>

Recording Actions on DataWindows

Testing PowerBuilder Applications
You can use Robot to test all PowerBuilder and third-party components, including:
DataStore controls and hidden DataWindows
ActiveX controls
RichTextEdit controls
DataWindows with RichText presentation style
All properties of a DataWindow computed field, including expression and value
Verifying That the PowerBuilder Extension Is Loaded
To test PowerBuilder applications, first verify that the Robot PowerBuilder
extension is loaded in Robot.
To verify that the extension is loaded:
1. Start Robot.
2. Click Tools >
Extension Manager.
3. Verify that PowerBuilder is selected. If not, select it.
4. To improve the performance of Robot, clear the check boxes of all environments
that you do not plan to test.
5. Exit Robot.
The next time you start Robot, only the extensions for the selected environments are
Recording Actions on DataWindows
Robot uses certain action parameters to identify a DataWindow row if the action is a
mouse click. These parameters help make your scripts more reliable and readable by
reducing the dependency on absolute positions.
These parameters are used when you record actions on:
DataWindow sub-objects
NOTE: For detailed information about DataWindow action parameters, see the
SQABasic Language Reference