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Differences Between Internet Explorer

Testing HTML Applications
If you have multiple versions of Navigator, specify the full path to the version of
Navigator that you want to use for playback.
Alternatively, you can edit your script so that it plays back in Navigator. For
example, to specify Navigator playback, type one of the following commands in
your script:
Navigator=c:\program files\
Use the first command if you have only one version of Navigator on your
computer. Use the second command if you have multiple versions of Navigator
on your computer, replacing the program path indicated with the actual path on
your computer. Be sure to insert the command before the StartBrowser
command is invoked in the script.
Differences Between Internet Explorer and Navigator
Both Microsoft Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator contain proprietary
extensions to the HTML standard. As a result, HTML documents are often
rendered differently in each browser.
In addition, be aware of the following areas in which Navigator playback differs from
Internet Explorer playback:
The following Robot object types, which represent the Microsoft
implementation of Dynamic HTML, are not recognized by Robot during
Navigator playback:
The Robot object type, HTML, does not support Robot action commands, such
as Click, Drag, and Scroll, during Navigator playback.
Not all of the object properties recognized by Internet Explorer during
recording are supported by the Navigator extension. In addition, other object
properties may have different values because of browser differences.