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<< Rational Robot User's Guide Outline | Rational TestManager Integrations >>
<< Rational Robot User's Guide Outline | Rational TestManager Integrations >>

Preface - Audience

Rational Robot is a complete set of tools for automating the testing of Microsoft
Windows client/server and Internet applications running under Windows NT 4.0,
Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows 98, and Windows Me.
This manual describes how to use Rational Robot to test the quality of your
applications. The manual explains how to plan tests, develop automated scripts,
play back the scripts, and analyze the results.
This manual is intended for application developers, quality assurance managers,
and quality assurance engineers.
Other Resources
This product contains online Help. From the main toolbar, choose an option
from the Help menu.
All manuals are available online, either in HTML or PDF format. These
manuals are on the Rational Solutions for Windows Online Documentation CD.
For information about training opportunities, see the Rational University
Web site:
For articles, discussion forums, and Web-based training courses on
developing software with Rational Suite products, join the Rational
Developer Network by selecting
Start > Programs > Rational Suite > Logon
to the Rational Developer Network
NOTE: Screen captures in this manual may vary slightly from the way Robot
appears on your machine.