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Providing Protocol-Specific Information

Setting Recording Options
When specifying a TUXEDO connection, use either the WSL or TPINIT
method, or use both methods.
Providing Protocol-Specific Information
If you are recording HTTP, Oracle, TUXEDO, IIOP, DCOM, or API extension
requests, you must supply Robot with certain information.
Controlling the Values Accepted When an HTTP Script Is
Played Back
You can set recording options that control which status values are acceptable when a
script that accesses a Web server is played back. If you do not set any recording
options, the script plays back successfully only if the playback conditions exactly
match the conditions during recording. However, you can set recording options so
that a script plays back successfully even if:
The server responds with partial or full page data during record or playback.
The response is cached during record or playback.
The script is redirected to another http server during playback.
You are recording a number of HTTP scripts and plan to play them back in a
different order.
NOTE: The TPINIT method is an advanced method for specifying a TUXEDO
connection. Typically, it is used only if the WSL method does not produce
satisfactory results.