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<< Example Script | Chapter 4 About Verification Points >>
<< Example Script | Chapter 4 About Verification Points >>
The Template File
Customizing SQABasic Scripts
The Template File
Robot provides a template file, Testproc.tpl, that you can use to automatically add
comments or include statements in new GUI scripts. Any text that you add to
Testproc.tpl automatically appears in each newly recorded script.
To edit Testproc.tpl:
1. Click File > Open > SQABasic File.
2. Set the file type to Template Files (*.tpl).
3. Select testproc.tpl and click Open.
4. Type include statements, as in the following example:
'Include global declarations in all scripts
'$Include "global.sbh"
metacommand begins with a single quotation mark ( ' ).
Although this normally indicates a comment, when followed by a dollar sign ($)
it indicates a special SQABasic command.
5. Click File