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<< Test Java applications with Robot | The Recording Workflow >>
<< Test Java applications with Robot | The Recording Workflow >>
Chapter 2 Recording GUI Scripts
C H A P T E R 2
Recording GUI Scripts
This chapter describes the recording process and tells you how to record GUI scripts
in Rational Robot. It includes the following topics:
The recording process
The recording workflow
Before you begin recording
Enabling IDE applications for testing
Setting GUI recording options
Using advanced features before recording
Recording a new GUI script
Defining script properties
Coding a GUI script manually
Testing your recorded script
Creating shell scripts to play back scripts in sequence
The Recording Process
When you record a GUI script, Robot records:
Your actions as you use the application-under-test. These user actions include
keystrokes and mouse clicks that help you navigate through the application.
Verification points that you insert to capture and save information about specific
objects. A verification point is a point in a script that you create to confirm the
state of an object across builds. During recording, the verification point captures
object information and stores it as the baseline. During playback, the verification
point recaptures the object information and compares it to the baseline.