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<< Making Oracle Forms Applications Testable | The Robot Oracle Forms >>
<< Making Oracle Forms Applications Testable | The Robot Oracle Forms >>
Distributing Your Application
Testing Oracle Forms Applications
11. If objects in your application contain the
trigger, the
Enabler prepends
to each trigger. This is necessary for
Robot to correctly record mouse actions against these objects. If you need to
prevent this modification, clear Modify local
(For information about the Enabler and triggers, see What Happens When You
Run the Enabler?
on page 12-2.
If this check box is cleared, the Enabler displays warning messages in the Status
box when it detects any of these local triggers.
12. Click OK.
13. Click Enable. As the file is enabled, information appears in the Status box.
14. If you did not select the Generate option in step 4, regenerate your application
once before using Robot by doing one of the following:
In Oracle Forms 6.0 or 5.0, open the Forms Builder. Load each enabled
.fmb file, and click File >
Administration > Compile File.
In Oracle Forms 4.5, open the Forms Designer. Load each enabled .fmb file,
and click File >
Administration > Generate.
You are now ready to use Robot with your Oracle Forms application.
Distributing Your Application
The triggers and the Object Testing Library are not visible and are non-intrusive,
and there are no license restrictions on them. Therefore, you can leave them in the
application when you distribute it. In this case, you must distribute the Rational Test
Object Testing Library with your application.
You may freely distribute the Object Testing Library for Oracle Forms and the
Enabler. The Rational Test Enablers directory on the CD-ROM contains a Setup
wizard for these and other items. You may copy this directory to a network drive or
to a diskette for distribution to your developers.
NOTE: If you choose to remove the Object Testing Library and triggers from
your application, follow the procedure in Running the Enabler on page 12-3. In
step 3, click Remove Rational Test Object Testing Library.