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<< The basic steps for editing datapool | Accessing a Datapool from GUI and Session Scripts >>
<< The basic steps for editing datapool | Accessing a Datapool from GUI and Session Scripts >>
The command SQADatapoolOpen
Using Datapools with GUI Scripts
6. In the Edit Datapool dialog box, edit datapool values as appropriate.
For information about editing datapool values, see Using Rational TestManager.
7. When finished editing datapool values, click Save, and then click Close.
For an example of the datapool values that TestManager generates, see Using Rational
Cancelling Your Edits
To abandon all the edits that you made in the Edit Datapool dialog box, click Cancel
or the
key. With either action, all your edits are abandoned, and the Edit
Datapool dialog box closes.
Using Datapools with GUI Scripts
A GUI script can access a datapool when it is played back in Robot. Also, when a GUI
script is played back in a TestManager suite, the GUI script can access the same
datapool as other GUI scripts and/or session scripts.
There are differences in the way GUI scripts and session scripts are set up for
datapool access:
You must add datapool commands to GUI scripts manually while editing the
script in Robot. Robot adds datapool commands to session scripts automatically.
There is no
statement in a GUI script. The command
defines the access method to use for the datapool.
Although there are differences in setting up datapool access in GUI scripts and
session scripts, you define a datapool for either type of script using TestManager in
exactly the same way.
Here are the general tasks involved in providing access to a datapool from a GUI
script. The steps are not in a fixed order -- you can create the datapool at any point:
Record the GUI script.
Add datapool commands to the script.
Create the datapool.
For information about recording a GUI script for datapool access and adding
datapool commands to a GUI script, see Chapter 5 of the SQABasic Language
. For additional information and examples, see the SQABasic Help, under
the index keyword datapools.
For information about creating a datapool with TestManager, see the TestManager